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“As the forests exhale
so we inhale.
And as we exhale
so the forests inhale.
In giving we receive
and in receiving we give.

A sacred bond, a delicate balance.”

Saayman Krige, 2010


Redefining the Hunting

Nature needs to be experienced in totality of our mankind: we are not just rational,  intellectual beings who seek to experience the world through logic, reason and measurement; we are also emotional, intuitive and soulful beings who have the capacity to respond with our hearts.


The moment you enter the Now with your attention, you realize that life is sacred.  There is a sacredness to everything you perceive when you are present.  The more you live in the Now, the more you sense the simple yet profound joy of Being and the sacredness of all life. Experiencing Soulful Africa in her full capacity and transcending to a deeper, more meaningful connection with earth is our mission.


Our Journey So Far

The foundation of ASSN (African Soul Safaris Namibia) is based on trust, integrity, sustainability, ethical hunting and transparency. We aim to provide an experience which outlives physical time, but rather interconnects with our clients’ souls. We are soulful. We are African. We are Namibian. We are African Soul Safaris Namibia.

Meet The Team

Claude Bouwer
Claude Bouwer

Claude has been hunting since his early childhood. Born and raised in Namibia, he developed a deep-rooted love for the country, its people, and especially its wildlife. Experiencing the rawness of nature and being part of the greater cause for conservation inspires him.

He truly has an untamed love for the challenge of the hunt and wishes to share an unforgettable quality hunting experience. Claude is also a qualified schoolteacher, which makes him the ideal hunting mentor for young children. With his knowledge of children and the Namibian bush-veld, he surely will ensure that your sons and daughters have an African visit to relive for many years and carry on to their children!

Lara Bouwer
Lara Bouwer

Growing up on a farm in South Africa, her roots are deeply connected to nature and her love for its inhabitants. Hunting has been part of her grandfather’s and father’s life journeys and she soon discovered its value to sustain life on earth.


Lara met Claude in 2016 and fell in love with his gentle soul, his adventurous spirit and his passion for the great outdoors. She is a qualified Physiotherapist and Physiotherapy Practice owner in the capital city, Windhoek. June 2018 Claude and Lara joined in marriage.They share the same passions and she became part of her husband’s lifelong dream. Together they strive to provide a bespoke experience for each client who wants to experience a piece of this African dream.



What our customers say


The time spent in Namibia on hunting trip with you was amazing and a greatest hunting adventure I have ever had. Hunting and animal tracking with you as a PH was like a night dream: urealisticly fantastic! I like your style of leading an amateur hunter: professionally selecting an animal, talkative when needed, silent when necessary. Your guideing is like mixture of godfather, older brother and a teacher... which in fact you are.  That gives an unique relationship between you and your partner-hunter: based on confidence and trust in your knowledge of nature and hunting skills. I knew I was in the best hands in Namibia to explore African land.

Meeting you and hunting under your supervision did not met my expectation - it was much more than I can ever expect. What I know for sure, that I wouldn't be afraid to let go my girlfriend and my daughter with you for a safari or any other trip in Namibia nature.

Piotr Swiniarski - Poland

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