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If you're looking for that perfect 'first-time' Africa experience, one that still holds a sense of the unexpected, then Namibia is unbeatable.

I could extoll the virtues of Namibia forever. Scenically spectacular and as varied as anywhere. This is a country of endless vistas; barren deserts with the most beautiful sand dunes you're ever likely to see; fertile swamps and grasslands, cute little towns with a distinct German air and, best of all, some of the most impressive wildlife viewing on the continent. It's rare for travellers to return from Namibia with anything other than glowing praise.

Standing on the top of the great dunes of Sossusvlei at sunrise or sunset will always be an unforgettable experience. The aptly named Skeleton Coast (so-called for the numerous shipwrecks that can be found here) is a hub of interesting marine life, and the incongruous coastal town of Swakopmund is an adventure enthusiast's dream. Namibia often flies under the radar of safari-seekers, but it shouldn't. Etosha stands out as one of the great wildlife viewing venues of the continent. From here it's true that no other park is snapping at its heels in terms of wildlife possibilities. The Namibian landscape often captured within the boundaries of its protected areas is out of this world...literally. It's an unforgettable place. Even on a wildlife safari it sometimes seems as though spotting animals is just a bonus; the real privilege is immersing yourself in the ancient fabric of this glorious landscape!



If seeing wildlife is your main objective, the best time to visit all parks, especially Etosha, is in the Dry season from May to October. Namibia is a scenic country and can be visited throughout the year. The colors will be most vibrant during and after the wet season.


Custom hunting and safari tours are available at African Soul Safaris Namibia. Come explore the desert, coastal towns and the vast diversity Namibia has to offer with us or combine a scenic tour with your hunting safari.

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